Urine trouble

What do you think of this joke?
You have to imagine me telling this joke live. There are several moments where voice inflection and even song will make it funnier.

Went to the doctor the other day. You kids won’t get this but as you get to be my– uh, that guy’s– age… You start to have a little problem getting all the pee out. You know what I’m talking about, right guys? You can shake and shake but there’s still that teaspoon or so that will not come out until you stuff your junk back into your white, seemingly paper thin pants.
Quick tip for the ladies… He did not splash water on his pants while he was washing his hands. His plumbing is getting old. He pissed his pants. I know, I know. I’m violating guy code…
Anyway. The doctor. I told him that I was having a problem with leaky pipes. “I see. Urine trouble.” You’re telling me, doc. I am in trouble. My girl thinks I piss my pants all the time.
By the way, what’s with that song? Yer in trou-ble. Isn’t it embarrassing enough without the doctor taunting me with song?
After he explained he was saying urine trouble, as in trouble with urine, I gave him a 10 minute lecture on language and mentioned the British word for cigarettes a few times. I also suggested he not sing the diagnosis in the future.

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2 Responses to Urine trouble

  1. Jimi says:

    if ur american when u go in the bathroom and ur american when u come out, what r u when ur in the bathroom???


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