Untitled (because I forgot to add the title)

It’s random thoughts night (did you already know that?)…

1.  When I am impressed with people, I nearly always learn that they see the world in similar ways to me.  Or they have ways of being that are similar to mine.  Adam Carolla for example.  I will do an entire post on him someday.  But, in general, he is an open, courageous, funny, caring man.  Reminds me of me…

2.  Alison Rosen is really funny.  And vulnerable.  for example, she is ashamed of her love for Thomas Kinkade, Painter of Light, but is willing to share to make a great point.  That is, love what you love because you love it.  Don’t avoid loving what you love just because you aren’t supposed to love it.

3.  If someone close to you is behaving in a way seemingly counter to what they say they want in life and you ask, “why,” do not be surprised if they answer, “I don’t know.”
Even if they knew why, how would that help them? Instead, what if you were to ask them what support they need? Or take them out for a drink? Or give them a hug? Or just listen?  Crazy thing is, I don’t know why I act the way I do most times.  When someone asks me why, it just gives me a chance to recite my excuses.

4.  When I don’t get enough sleep, I get cranky.  When I get cranky, I see everything in a cranky way.  Then I start to attribute my crankiness to everything.  An evil cycle started by not getting enough sleep.

5.  Last night’s post kicked ass.  I love writing when I write like that.  For more on how that works, you should read David J. Marsh’s post about Chinese roast duck.

6.  I don’t always live what I write but I try to write what I live.

7.  Before I met Mike Banks, I didn’t know that “Farrier” was a profession.  There are people – very talented and dedicated people – who are experts on horse feet, including the shoes they wear.  I would have thought the hoof stuff would be a small part of what horse experts do.  After talking to Mike for 5 minutes, I knew better.

8.  I stared at a picture of the Badlands today.  I thought what life would be like if I just walked toward the nearest butte and camped there.  How many nights, I wondered, before I would get homesick and be ready to return to my life?  About 4 days, I thought – if I had plenty of water and food.  So, I don’t need a new life. I need a vacation.

9.  If you ask someone to hold you accountable about something, it is an act of love when they ask you about the thing.  They are not judging you; they are loving you.

10. I am grateful to my friends for following my posts and for providing feedback.

This is day 35.  This is post number 33.  Still 2 days behind.  Well, I have 55 days to get there…

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