Joking around

It is no secret that I am interested in performing standup comedy

The subtle tragedy in that statement is that “I am interested in performing”. Remember the old saying?

The chicken is interested in breakfast. The pig is committed.

Time for me to pig out on some comedy.

New statement.

It is no secret that I will perform standup comedy.

Q: How will I go from Hoping/Wishing/Wanting to Whatever it Takes?
A: Conscious Intention.

Here’s how it works:

Define the vision

I will perform standup comedy before the summer is over

Determine whether I believe it is possible

My friend Tracey is performing in May and he has not done it before.
They have open mic nights at the clubs for anyone to perform who wants to.

Determine all the necessary prices

One evening a week away from family
Time to write some jokes and a routine
Risk not getting any laughs
Risk being super funny
Get over myself
Rule No. 6

Set the intention

I will be focused and courageous. I will be funny and bring joy and laughter to large numbers of people.

Commit, whatever it takes

Just now, while writing the intention, I had an epiphany. When I think about doing standup – or any performance for that matter – I always think about how it will make me feel. I think about the admiration and the applause, and the “coolness” factor of telling others what I do, and having them say flattering things to me.

What if instead of thinking about what I will have as a result of doing standup, I think about ways I will be while doing standup? Who will I be for myself and for others? What actions would those ways of being lead to? What experiences will I be creating for others and myself as a result? What material things will others and I receive as a result?

Alrighty. Seems I had to over think it a little to get to this decision:

I am and have been over thinking it.

Intention re-stated:

Be bold and be funny. Make people laugh. Entertain people.

There. Now to get going on being funny. Next post – a few jokes.

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