My struggle: write authentically

Should I write from the heart? Like a love drunk schoolgirl? But what if i might regret it? Or what if I don’t really agree with what I’ve written? Because it wasn’t thought through?
The answer is, without a doubt, yes. Strike that. The answer is, emphatically, yes. No, forget that. The answer is: HELL YES!! Otherwise, I should stop writing. If I’m not going to be open and honest and authentic and courageous on here, then I don’t want to write.
So, it’s decided. I will write like a jilted lover. I will blurt words like an angry teenager.
Your mission is as follows:
1. Call me on my bullshit
2. Point out when I’m not being my true self
3. Read and respond with raw openness and courage
4. If you love a post, share it
5. If you hate a post, lay into me with your hatred. Any response from you means my writing was successful

And always remember that I love each of you, dear readers. Nothing I write should ever make you doubt that.

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