Mt. Everest. Apples. Dentist. Eine kleine scene set up…

“Ricky, come back here.  I said, no. This is Nepal, not Manhattan.  You can not leave this hotel.  You may be thirteen but I’m still in charge when your mom and dad are gone.”

“Give it a rest already, Uncle Dave. You’re only three years older. It’s not like you can stop me. Now, I’m taking this diamond to the shop to see what I can get for it.”  Ricky dangled the leather pouch tauntingly at Dave.

Dave followed Rickie through the lobby and out onto the busy Nepalese street.

“Fine, Rickie.  I’m coming with you.  That time in Fiji, I was stuck in the room while you gallivanted all over the island.  And I think I caught more grief than you did.  This time, I’m at least going to have some fun to make it worth the trouble.”

Ricky was already climbing on a bus.  “Come on Dave!  Get in if you’re coming!”

They tossed a few coins into the till and plopped down next to an ancient looking dude.

“Hey Pops,” said Ricky.  The old man grinned and reached into his bag.

Three kids sitting across from them glared at Dave and Ricky disapprovingly.  Ricky fingered the leather pouch nervously.

The old man pulled an apple out of his bag and took a giant bite.  He screamed in pain and three bloody teeth fell onto the floor.

“Oh my god!” said Dave.  Blood was running from the man’s mouth.  He fell on his knees to the floor grabbing at his mouth and chanting something vaguely religious.

“Dentist. um. Tooth doctor!” Ricky yelled at the Driver.

“Easy kid, I’m from Brooklyn.  There’s a dentist at the next stop.”

 The old man was moaning and grabbing at his teeth on the floor.  Dave and Ricky helped the him off at the next stop.  He was grabbing and moaning something in Nepalese to the local kids.  They shrugged and yelled back at him.

Once they were off, Ricky held the old man steady while Dave looked for the dentist’s office.  The old dude swooned and fell to the ground.  “Shit, shit, shit.” Dave, hurry up.

As the bus began to pull away, the old man grinned widely and jumped up.  In several quick strides he was on the bus.  The doors closed and the bus sped away.

“Well that was weird.  Oh well, I saw a gem shop over there.  Come on Ricky, let’s take your stupid diamond in to have it checked out.”

Ricky looked around, patted his pockets, then panicked.  “Holy hell! I don’t have it. Do you have it? I don’t have it.  I had it.  It was in the leather pouch! Oh crap I left it on the bus! That old dude ripped us off!”

Dave slumped down onto the curb.  “Oh, man.  I am in so much trouble.”

That was based on the three words in the title.  Constance was kind enough to make the suggestions.  That’s 8 with 82 to go, ya’ll!

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