Sleepy but not ready for bed

By the time I get home I am exhausted.  Lots of hugs from my girls (two daughters, my lovely wife, and Poppy the dog).  Some refereeing.  News of the day.  Cook dinner.  Then, plop down on the sofa to watch cartoons before the kiddos’ bedtime.  Often, I fall asleep on the sofa like Dagwood.  So, so sleepy.  Then upstairs for tooth brushing and persuading 8 and 5 year-olds to put on jammies and GO TO BED! NOW!  Whew… Just a few minutes downstairs.  Finally to relax.  But first, straighten up, do some dishes, take out the trash, discuss family business.  Then, finally!  Sit down and relax.  Already 9 or 10:00.  Should go to bed.  Nah.  Up late. In bed, reading.  Reading or surfing the net (downside of a Kindle Fire HD – less reading, more net surfing).

Asleep by… Midnight??

Get up in 6 or so hours.

Go to work and get tired.

Come home tired and do it all again.

Can’t wait until the weekend so we can stay up late and then sleep in until… 8:30…

Oh, and for the next 85 days – insert “post something to the blog” anywhere in the above itinerary.

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