Ninety Posts in Ninety Days – Day 1

What does it take to develop a new habit?  How about repetition?  Fake it until you make it, I say.  For the next ninety days, I will post something on this blog each day.  Much of it will downright stink, I’m guessing.  This post, for instance.  No flow, no structure, just rambling.

But, some of it will be beautiful.  Some of the posts will provoke thought.  Some of them will spark discussion.  Some of them will be worth saving.  All of them will be worth writing.

The goal is to get into a habit.  Once I am in the habit of writing every day, I will not subject the internet to the drivel any more.  I will draft every day offline, edit, then post the words that seem worth reading.  In the mean time, since you stumbled upon this post, you have unintentionally assumed responsibility for holding me accountable.  

Go ahead.

Try to catch me not writing.

Help me make a habit of writing every day.

I promise it will be worth it for both of us.

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2 Responses to Ninety Posts in Ninety Days – Day 1

  1. Susan Becker says:

    I am excited for the next ninety days!!!!


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