What is a Leader?

What are some traits of a great leader? How do you know when you are experiencing a great leader?
Let’s look at some outward manifestations of a person that indicates he or she is being like a great leader.
Starting with my declared ways of being (my contract):
I am powerful, authentic, and loving…

As a leader I enroll people in a vision. I take action to make stuff happen to move the world toward that vision. I give other people a model for being that allows them to shift into leader-like ways of being. Others act because of how a leader is being and what the leader is doing. The doing, by the way is a result of the being. Then the leader, other folks, and the world get to have experiences and tangible results that did not exist before because of the leader’s power to create through being and doing.

A leader does not necessarily master technique. At least not at first. Technique is often seen as a tool set to help the leader express authenticity. A nod here, eye contact there; mirror the other person’s movements – all are generally taught as inauthentic techniques to mimic authenticity.
A truly authentic leader cries, dances, exclaims joy, and is not afraid to look silly. By stepping past the fear of being wrong or looking weak, a leader actually inspires others to be authentic. Others will seek help when needed and will give true, valid feedback. The leader has given others permission to show true emotion, which ultimately leads to deeper relationships and greater results.

A leader loves people. Love tempers Power. Love makes power caring. Deep, meaningful love channels great power toward creation of good, helpful things.
A great leader wants for others what they want for themselves. This means a great leader truly cares about people and achieves results by aligning each individual’s vision with the leader’s vision. In this way, the more the leader gives (loves), the more he creates (power).

I want to see your ideas of what a leader is. Send me your thoughts…

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